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I had a chance to attend to my preference of highschool and university after passing a couple of tough examinations required to be admitted.

English Highschool for Boys (EHSB)

Brief History

EHSB was established in 1905 to provide a healthy, commercial education to foreigners and especially to the members of the British Community in Istanbul.

During its first years; English grammer, composition and literature, French, Turkish, Latin, geography, history, accounting, typewriting and natural sciences were taught.

Bringing up a gentleman is a very old tradition of the British Schools and EHSB was run with that in mind. However in 1979, due to financial problems, EHSB was totally transferred to the Turkish Government and was renamed as Nisantasi Anadolu Lisesi.

About Me

I was graduated from Nisantasi Anadolu Lisesi in 1989 after 7 years of education with a highschool diploma (concentration in mathematics) and lots of very unique memories.

Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

Brief History

ITU was established in 1773, during the time of the Ottoman Sultan Mustafa III. With its original name "Muhendishane-i Bahr-i Humayun", The Royal School of Naval Engineering, its responsibility was to educate chart masters and ship builders. In 1795, the "Muhendishane-i Berr-i Humayun", The Royal School of Military Engineering, was established to educate the technical staff in the army. In 1847, education in the field of architecture was also introduced.

Established in 1883, the School of Civil Engineering assumed the name "Engineering Academy", with the aim of teaching essentials skills needed in planning and implementing the country’s new infrastructure projects. Gaining university status in 1928, the Engineering Academy continued to provide education in the fields of engineering and architecture until it was incorporated into ITU in 1944. Finally, in 1946, ITU became an autonomous university which included the Faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

With a history stretching back over 227 years, providing technical education within a modern educational environment and strong academic staff, ITU is strongly identified with architectural and engineering education in Turkey.

ITU in Pictures  |  ITU Graduates Infobase

About Me

I was admitted to Control & Computer Engineering department of ITU in 1989 after passing a very tough university exam (within %1 of total applicants).

I have taken various courses on advanced physics and mathematics, computer architecture, circuits, automatic control, digital design, hardware labs, software engineering and algorithms.

I was graduated from ITU in 1993. My B.Sc Thesis was the development of an image processing environment for the 80x86 platform, utilizing more than 40,000+ lines of C and Assembler code.

B.Sc Thesis: 4/4, GPA: 3.1/4

Right after graduation, I realized that I was willing to advance my academic career so I joined an advanced M.Sc program on Control & Computer Engineering again in ITU.

I was particularly interested in image processing and my M.Sc Thesis was on Face Recognition. I utilized the image processing engine I have developed for my B.Sc thesis and coded the "eigenfaces" face recognition algorithm on that platform.

In 1996, I received my M.Sc degree on Control and Computer Engineering from ITU.

M.Sc Thesis: 4/4, GPA: 3.87/4

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